革への拘りを追求し、製作工程を試行錯誤した上に完成されたブランド「ISAMU KATAYAMA BACKLASH」。

ISAMUKATAYAMA BACKLASH is a brand built on the enthusiastic pursuit of quality leather and numerous experimental techniques.
We aim to push the boundaries of leather craftsmanship, focusing on perfecting our leather skills all year round,
from creating original materials to developing unique treatments and dyeing processes.
We choose not to give in to mass-production processes,
ensuring that each product is made with care by skilled technicians and is truly one of a kind.
Our ethos fuses respect for tradition as well as embracing the innovations of creative modern minds.
We offer a collection of leather products with timeless appeal and charm that will grow with time.


バックラッシュ デザイナー 片山勇

Born in Hiroshima in the sixties, Isamu Katayama has been interested in leather since childhood,
its scent evoking the motorcycle tours he shared with his late father.
In pursuit of his dream, he moved to Tokyo in 1983 and got a job at a bag’s manufacturer,
the only way for him then to be in contact with leather hides throughout the year.

In 1999, he created the company BACKLASH co., ltd., and simultaneously the brand ISAMU KATAYAMA BACKLASH.
In spring 2004, he presented in Milan, and went on soon after to Paris.
Followed for two years in Japan and abroad by the film director Koichi Makino,
a film about Isamu and his peculiar universe of leather, “Artisanal Life” wad produced in 2009.